Other Programmes

•    House activities
•    Classroom activities
•    Outdoor learning
•    Class open assemblies

School has many other programmes for students which are more educative and knowledge oriented. All activities are designed for comprehensive development of students.

House Activities: Concept of house system (group) is introduced and the whole of primary & middle School as divided into 4 houses (groups), for each house different colour is assigned such as yellow, blue, red and green and groups are named after their colour. The house system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The houses provide for positive competition and closer support between students and teachers. These houses compete in a number of competition, academic activities, sporting and cultural activities for points.

Classroom Activities: Are added learning sources for children. Every class do have activities related to curriculum and of general topics. Story telling, group discussion, spell bee, pick & speak, role play, abacus & maths activities, art & craft activities etc., are the main class room activities being conducted for primary and secondary section students. Similarly age – appropriate activities are conducted to nursery classes also.

Outdoor learning: Field trip is compulsory for all classes. Montessori children are taken out for flower parks, nursery farm, mega malls, railway museum, fire station, vegetable markets. Primary & Higher class children are also taken to outdoor particularly to visit Mega malls, post offices, banks, Printing press, Railway museum, Industrial Museum, CFTRI, Infosys, etc., All children are bound to visit some of outdoor station of scenic  beauty and water bodies for amusement.

Open Assemblies: Open assemblies are more educative & life skill activities in our school. Various activities are conducted by students of different class every week by selecting useful themes/concepts. Topics selected by students are related to environment, behavior skills, and social skills etc., which are age – appropriate.