KNC Innovative Global School is located in 2 acres area and building is heritage outlook which suit to the heritage city, Mysuru. School has created sophisticated infrastructure and facilities on par with the international standards.

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Classroom: All classes room are very spacious and ventilated and followed international standards. Every classroom is technology enabled, having interactive SMART boards & projector for E-learning. High standard e-content of CBSE curriculum is uploaded for better teaching. Every classroom is provided modern imported furniture with individual chairs & table for students. Every class room is fitted with CCTV cameras.

Nursery classrooms are specially painted with different concepts which give lovely ambience to little children.

Laboratories: School has established well equipped laboratories for the subject’s physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. Computer lab is equipped with 30 computers and all are connected with network system.

Nursery children are provided table PC for learning activity & to get interactive learning experience.

Mathematics Lab: mathematics is the toughest subject for many children and to make the students to learn this subject easy way, school has set up mathematics lab, which has a conceptual models and other teaching aids. This lab helps children off all class from grade -1 to 12 to understand the mathematical concepts & formulas in better manner. 

Library: As stipulated by CBSE board, library is set up in spacious room. Age appropriate books are provided separately for nursery & Primary classes

English Language lab: learning fluent English is essential for any communication and also the grammatical English for future prospectus of any child. Hence school has set up English language lab for all the children grading from 1st Std.,

CCTV Surveillance: As a part of children safety, the entire school campus is under the CCTV surveillance and every classroom is fitted with CCTV camera which keeps recording the activity of classroom. Parents are given the facility of viewing live activity of classroom for a limited period, through their android phone.

Play Ground: School has spaces play ground for various athletic & outdoor games. Children are given compulsorily physical training in the play ground. 

Montessori Lab: As a part of early child wood programme, school has set up well equipped Montessori lab to teach the various age–appropriate acivities on Montessori way, as recommended by Dr.Maria Montessori. This is to facilitate children in development of cognitive and motor skills along with activity on exercise practical life.

Activity Room: Activity room for nursery classes is equipped with various learning materials and playing equipments where children enjoy their stay in school. It is a sort of learn while play theme where students develop various physical skills & motor skills.