Dress code for Students

Dress for Montessori children’s: (M1, M2, M3)
For week days (Mon to Thu)

Top:–     Yellow T-shirt
Bottom: skirts in blue coloured jeans for girls and half pant for boys (as pattern given by school.)
Shoes & Socks: Any blue colour shoe matching uniform with blue socks

For Friday:

Top : white T-shirt and bottom blue track pant for all. 
Shoes & Socks: White shoes and white socks.

Dress code for Grade – I to X students
For week days (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

Top: Bluish stripped half shirt & waist coat
Bottom: for boys - blue colour pant, for girls – blue colour skirt
Shoes & Socks: Black coloured shoes with navy blue colour socks

For Wednesday & Saturday

Top: house colour ‘T’ shirt
Bottom: blue track pant
Shoes & socks: White shoes & white socks.