On the part of school it is commited to provide all essential facilities for students in the school campus.Following facilities have been provided.

Homework through SMS:

  • General details
  • Absentees statement of students.
  • Daily Homework.

Transport : School has its own transport facility to pick up and drop the students safely. Experienced Drivers and Assistants help the children to travel safely. Our transport vehicles are fitted with GPRS to locate the vehicle and have SMS alert system to parents about vehicle movement.


Online report card and attendance: Technology is widely used in this school. Report card and attendance of students will be uploaded periodically on our website for patents use.


Health care and Ambulance : School has appointed qualified Nurse for taking care of health aspects of children during school hours. Ambulance facility is also provided for emergency purpose. Besides this, children health insurance scheme will be introduced for more health benefits.


Counselling of students: School counsellors take active role in counselling students and parents on their psychological problems. This helps the students to concentrate on learning as normal student.


Spoken English course for Parents: A suitable environment has to be created for a child to learn any language. Parents  play a very important role in this. Apart from learning a new language in class hours, if parents also speaks simple english  words with their children, child learn the language in shortest period. Hence school is conducting spoken english classes for parents who are in need.